Love? having a sense of individual identity

Helen Mirren doesn’t take any criticism from her husband. She says: A key part of a successful relationship is having a sense of individual identity. The 76-year-old actress has been married to film director Hackford.

Since 1997 and insists that the pair only give each other “unconditional praise, report says.

“I believe in unconditional praise from one’s loved ones. I don’t want any criticism from my husband . And I give him unconditional praise likewise – more or less. We allow each other to do our own thing, and get on with it..,” she says.

She told People: “I’ve worked every year since i was 20.””Covid was the first time in the whole of my life I’ve not worked for six months.

During the days, I got to spend time with my husband and sit across the table from him every night for six months, which I’ve never done before, and not worry about or even think about work I know that people were suffering through that terrible, terrible time.

Howevershe also claimed that: “A really important part of love is to maintain your own sense of identity. In a way, that’s the most important thing of all, to not subsume yourself into someone else, far from it. Be honestly and authentically who you are.”

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